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About US

Suman Lokseva is a non-profit organisation registered under Act 1860 ( Reg. No. MH / 813 / 2014 / Pune - Date.05.05.2014, dedicated towards planning, implementation and monitoring of community social economic developmental activities and initiatives across Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mundlik
Founder & President
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mundlik
Vice President
Mrs. Sonali Mundlik

Sanstha's Motto (Objective of Sanstha)

A) Educational Development

  • 1) To open Orphan, Tribal school, hostels and other academic institution for tribal, economic and social backward students.
  • 2) To open educational & vocational school for blind, handicapped, deaf & dumb failed students who are out of school.
  • 3) To open residential balasadana, child care centre, Student counseling.
  • 4) To arrange different activities to increase the personal development and vocational skills of the students.

B) Cultural

  • 1) To arrange various activities through social & cultural programs and festivals.

C) Health

  • 1) To provide healthy food and healthy atmosphere for avoid Malnutrition, Mother Death, child death.
  • 2) To provide Multispecialty Hospitals, medical stores, Ambulance, Blood banks in good condition.
  • 3) To increase social village cleanness.
  • 4) To motivate about eye donate, blood donate, kidney donate, & body donate. To activate varied programs for good health.

D) Sports

  • 1) To establishment of system of fully facilitated gymnasium, swimming tank, sports training and it provide such as social, economic and backward people.
  • 2) To arrange variety of sports tournaments and distribute the prizes.

E) Youth

  • 1) To arrange programs for develop the skills of computer and information Technology knowledge.
  • 2) To open Maha-E-Service centre and generating employment.
  • 3) To gather all Youth and motivate them labor works.

F) Environment

  • 1) To arrange program like plantation, Tree conservation.
  • 2) To start program like alternative bio fuel production and do generating employment by doing plantation of trees which help for bio fuel production.
  • 3) To develop environment for human, animals and birds.
  • 4) To arrange program like water harvesting and water saving.
  • 5) To give knowledge about global warming and its effects.

G) Woman and child development

  • 1) To arrange special program for destitute, virgin, widow, illiterate women.
  • 2) To build system for woman schools, colleges and hostels.
  • 3) To establish system like Counseling and guidance centers for solve the women's different problems of social, economical, health, and family, sexual and healthy foods.
  • 4) To give training & develop self help group and small saving group.

    H) Senior citizens

  • 1) To stand for the senior orphan, old age home, mess and snacks centre.
  • 2) To provide facilities for senior citizen to arrange trips, amusement & entertainment center and continuous education process.

    I) Others

  • 1) To distribute prizes for people who are working in different field.
  • 2) To arrange Awakening awareness program to refrain for antisocial action.
  • 3) To do good work for economical, social, and backward peoples to tell them about their rights.
  • 4) To make informative cinemas and documentary films about the awareness and republication in the people.
  • 5) To help and educate the peoples like physical, social, handicapped, licker, beggars, leprosy.
  • 6) To arrange and motivate the program for like communitarian marriage and inter cast marriage.